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RAGO is a very old Italian family of farmers. We have been working our farm for over 119 years. That is sustainable farming.We believe by taking care of the land, we will have fertile soil for generations to come. We live in the farm with our children and grandparents. For that reason you can be sure that we use only the safest treatments possible and the minimum amount necessary.We believe in our family's tradition of growing only the best products in the most advanced methods possible.We have equipment that most farms have not even read about yet. We use every system possible to extend the shelf life and bring the freshest products to the market.Rago is one of the largest exporter of rucola (wild rocket) in Europe. We grow rucola and other baby leaf products 12 months of the year.We are also the largest Italian grower of organic baby leaf and a leader in baby leaf products such as green & red lettuce, corn salad and spinach.100% of our products are grown under cover in plastic tunnels. This reduces the adverse effects of the environment and limits any growth of airborne plants (weeds) that frequently grow along side the plants in open fields. These foreign plants take water and nutrition from the plants and attract insects.We irrigate our plants and wash our products with fresh mineral water from a deep underground lake. In addition to the health benefits of growing plants with fresh mineral water, it also gives us the ability to not be concerned with drought or have a dependence on treated municipal water sources.We spend over EUR100,000 annually to test our wells to insure the quality of the water. Rago's lettuces and greens are grown in Battipaglia in Southern Italy.We are located in the heart of the flats of the Sele (Salerno), a fertile zone with grounds of volcanic origin and alluvial rich of organic substance. We have a mild and moderated climate which enjoys the mitigating effect of the sea and the protection of the base of the Alburni Mountains.


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